Originally from Connecticut, I now live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Paintings has its roots in our ancient desire to capture images. While photography has largely supplanted this original purpose, its deeper ability to capture idiosyncrasies and non-literal aspects of human perception remains valuable and relevant. Painting has persisted over the centuries as the truest method of capturing images within the highly cognitive and personal human experience.

Rooted in realism, my work is driven by a conviction that modern technical methods — mathematics, color science, image processing — can harmonize with traditional methods, producing greater results than either set of methods alone. It seeks to capture the human experience of seeing, to the “greatest and most natural” extent. I divide my time between developing proprietary painting software (see my articles on paint mixing, color decomposition, and focal realism), working in my apartment studio, and painting outdoors.

For purchasing or contact, I welcome messages at:

daniel.w.dichter [at] gmail.com