Painting has persisted across time as the truest method of capturing images within the human experience. The advent of photography has underscored the unique value of its expressive, idiosyncratic potential.

My work explores traditional methods through an engineering lens, aiming to convey the experience of sight to the “greatest and most natural” extent. I divide my time between researching and developing new tools, working in my apartment studio, and painting outdoors.

I’ve written several articles on color science, color theory, and image processing:

How Paints Mix
3D Focal Point Median Blur
Paint Palette to Color Gamut
Prioritizing Color Over Value
Oil Painting Color Calibration
Visualizing Color Space in 2D

I’m currently writing a research paper entitled “Low-Cost Visible Light Spectral Imaging” for peer-reviewed publication in 2021 or 2022.

Originally from Connecticut, I now live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For purchasing or contact, I welcome messages at:

daniel.w.dichter [at] gmail.com